Co-edition with 'Atellier Tchikebe'

+ The B&W Co-Edition series with Atelier Tchikebe includes 60 copies signed and numbered by 6 artists:

Rob de Oude (NY), Ky Anderson (NY), Yoav Efrati (TLV), Didier Petit (FR), Yifat Gat (FR), Armelle De Sainte Marie (FR).

Olivier & Julien Ludwig-Legardez, Atellier Tchikebe, Marseille.


meeting Olivier & Julien Ludwig-Legardez, from Atellier Tchikebe, is one of the reasons i love Marseilles. to me its mysterious and filled with surprises, I never expected we could have such a great print shop here - isnt that great?

The B&W project @ SLUICE, London, 2015.


We where working on the b&w book for the SLUICE art fair when i thought to myself, why not have a mini series of our own?
i asked 5 artists to join me, and we made an edition of 60just black on white.
the prints are 30x30 cm, on a 32x35 cm paper ( the extra room at the bottom is for signing officially, but the truth is it also reminds me of a stamp shape ,and of my father that used to collect them)
as for the paper -  i just couldn't help printing them on my favorite , 300 gr Bristol. i use this paper for my own work, i buy it from the same press house for years now, and even though its not a 'traditional' artsy paper , to me it made more sense that way. "i like the 'blue', 'cold' quality of this kind of white", Olivier approved...

Rob de Oude


Choosing the artists is like solving a crossword : 3 boys, 3 girls, 2 Marseille , 2 Tel-Aviv, 2 New-York. I was looking for line painters, since there wasn't going to be any colors , click on their blue names to see the final result ...

Rob De Oude was a natural choice, his work looks great on paper , and we already showed a b&w work by him at the b&w expo , so we knew it will work...

ky Anderson - i love her work but she is a pure colorists,  no one more distance than working b&w than here - so i enjoyed challenging her :)

Armelle De Saint Marie

as for the French, Didier petit was my first duo expo partner when arriving to France, he draws by cutting paper, and i always thought his work could be made into great prints...

Armelle showed a large grid ink drawing at the B&W show we had at the L&L gallery at St-Chamas , her work has the same elegant smart presence the she has

Yifat Gat

As for TLV artists, well there's me and Yoav.  my proposition is taken from a series of pottery i was working on at the studio at that time, i remember visiting Tokyo, they have pottery stores with piles of pottery floor to ceiling. all black ! i was impressed by how useful pottery was considered, everyday like, this series reminds me of those.

Yoav Efrati was one of my idols living in Israel , he is completely free with his lines, and he doodles on a 10 meter walls or a 10cm paper same way, following humans big efforts or magical moments with dark humor & compassionate heart, i was so happy he agreed to contribute