Engaged Drawing

La collection de l'artothèque en dialogue avec
LOOK&LISTEN / Schema Project NY / Atelier Tchikebe
Armelle De Sainte Marie, Audrey Stone, Brent Hallard, Catherine Haggarty, Claire Colin-Collin, Claude Viallat, Didier Petit, David Ambrose, Enrico Gomez, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, François Morellet, Gabriele Herzog, Gary Peterson, Izabela Kowalczyk, Jeremie Delhome, Joris Brantuas, Jeremy Laffon, Ken Gray, Ky Anderson, Laura Charlton, Lawrence Swan, Mary Judge, Matt Kleberg, Meg Lipke, Nelio, Paula Overby, Philippe Chitarrini, Rieko Koga, Richard Van Der Aa, Rob de Oude, Robert Otto Epstein, Oriane Stender, Shawn Stipling, Tilman, Ward Schumaker, Yifat Gat.

Opening 26.4.2016 @ Artothèque, Miramas.
Drawing as a form of commited engagement, politicly as visually.
Co-Curated with Beatrice Bea.
Expo till 28.5.2016


Co-edition with 'Atellier Tchikebe'

+ The B&W Co-Edition series with Atelier Tchikebe includes 60 copies signed and numbered by 6 artists:

Rob de Oude (NY), Ky Anderson (NY), Yoav Efrati (TLV), Didier Petit (FR), Yifat Gat (FR), Armelle De Sainte Marie (FR).

Olivier & Julien Ludwig-Legardez, Atellier Tchikebe, Marseille.


meeting Olivier & Julien Ludwig-Legardez, from Atellier Tchikebe, is one of the reasons i love Marseilles. to me its mysterious and filled with surprises, I never expected we could have such a great print shop here - isnt that great?

The B&W project @ SLUICE, London, 2015.


We where working on the b&w book for the SLUICE art fair when i thought to myself, why not have a mini series of our own?
i asked 5 artists to join me, and we made an edition of 60just black on white.
the prints are 30x30 cm, on a 32x35 cm paper ( the extra room at the bottom is for signing officially, but the truth is it also reminds me of a stamp shape ,and of my father that used to collect them)
as for the paper -  i just couldn't help printing them on my favorite , 300 gr Bristol. i use this paper for my own work, i buy it from the same press house for years now, and even though its not a 'traditional' artsy paper , to me it made more sense that way. "i like the 'blue', 'cold' quality of this kind of white", Olivier approved...

Rob de Oude


Choosing the artists is like solving a crossword : 3 boys, 3 girls, 2 Marseille , 2 Tel-Aviv, 2 New-York. I was looking for line painters, since there wasn't going to be any colors , click on their blue names to see the final result ...

Rob De Oude was a natural choice, his work looks great on paper , and we already showed a b&w work by him at the b&w expo , so we knew it will work...

ky Anderson - i love her work but she is a pure colorists,  no one more distance than working b&w than here - so i enjoyed challenging her :)

Armelle De Saint Marie

as for the French, Didier petit was my first duo expo partner when arriving to France, he draws by cutting paper, and i always thought his work could be made into great prints...

Armelle showed a large grid ink drawing at the B&W show we had at the L&L gallery at St-Chamas , her work has the same elegant smart presence the she has

Yifat Gat

As for TLV artists, well there's me and Yoav.  my proposition is taken from a series of pottery i was working on at the studio at that time, i remember visiting Tokyo, they have pottery stores with piles of pottery floor to ceiling. all black ! i was impressed by how useful pottery was considered, everyday like, this series reminds me of those.

Yoav Efrati was one of my idols living in Israel , he is completely free with his lines, and he doodles on a 10 meter walls or a 10cm paper same way, following humans big efforts or magical moments with dark humor & compassionate heart, i was so happy he agreed to contribute


"The Black and White Project" is an ongoing exploration that started as a curatorial post on the LOOK&LISTEN blog. In 2014 it was expanded into an exhibition at the L&L gallery, presenting works by 30 international artists.  This publication includes works by 100 artists from around the world. 

Organized by : Yifat Gat   /   Design : Studio Vincent Verdeile   /   Text : David Rhodes

Thank you : Lydia Rump, Erin lawlor, Julia Gat.





Participated artists : Andrew Bick, Don Voisine, Katherine Bradford, Matthew Deleget, Eve Aschheim, Alain Biltereyst, Amy Feldman, Rob de Oude, Ky Anderson, Tilman Hoepfl, Yevgeniya Baras, Erin Lawlor, Daniel Levine, Didier Petit, lydia rump, Brian Cypher, Claire collin collin, Tobias Wenzel, Laurence De Leersnyder, Ward Schumaker, Emily Berger, Guy Yanai, Gabriele Herzog, Karl Bielik, Armelle de Sainte Marie, Rene Korten, Corinne Laroche, Shawn Stipling, Rosaire Appel, Per Adolfsen, Mary Judge, Lina Jabbour, Andrea Heller, Jonathan Higgins, Heidi Pollard, Mikhail Lezin, Katrin Bremermann, Douglas Witmer, Dan Devening, Sharon Butler, Charles Williams, Playpaint, Sigrid Calon, Hadas Hasid, Elissa Marchal, John Tallman, Matthew Wong, Lael Marshall, Rieko Koga, Jérémie Delhome, Michael Voss, Jai Llewellyn, Meg Lipke, Richard van der Aa, Ekaterina Zhadina, Gary Petersen, Debra M Smith, Paul Pagk, Rachel Beach, Lisa Solomon, Carleen Zimbalatti, Andrew Seto, Yoav Efrati, Cecilia Vissers, David Rhodes, Clinton King, Justine Frischmann, Jaanika Peerna, Mark Wethli, Valerie Brennan, Paul Behnke, Marian Bijlenga, Pascale Hugonet, Vicki Sher, Pete Schulte, Benjamin Gardner, Daniel G. Hill, Michel Barjol, Catherine Haggarty, Vincent Hawkins, Ian White Williams, Katrina Blannin, Beatrice Beha, Sarajo Frieden, Anne Russinof, Matthew McLemore, Nelio, Brian Edmonds, Janet Meester, Hooper turner, Peter Shear, Cary Smith, Sara Bright, Laura Charlton, Perry Kopchak, Espen Erichsen, Kale Tunnessen, Jeremy Laffon, Yifat Gat, Judith Braun.