Engaged Drawing

La collection de l'artothèque en dialogue avec
LOOK&LISTEN / Schema Project NY / Atelier Tchikebe
Armelle De Sainte Marie, Audrey Stone, Brent Hallard, Catherine Haggarty, Claire Colin-Collin, Claude Viallat, Didier Petit, David Ambrose, Enrico Gomez, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, François Morellet, Gabriele Herzog, Gary Peterson, Izabela Kowalczyk, Jeremie Delhome, Joris Brantuas, Jeremy Laffon, Ken Gray, Ky Anderson, Laura Charlton, Lawrence Swan, Mary Judge, Matt Kleberg, Meg Lipke, Nelio, Paula Overby, Philippe Chitarrini, Rieko Koga, Richard Van Der Aa, Rob de Oude, Robert Otto Epstein, Oriane Stender, Shawn Stipling, Tilman, Ward Schumaker, Yifat Gat.

Opening 26.4.2016 @ Artothèque, Miramas.
Drawing as a form of commited engagement, politicly as visually.
Co-Curated with Beatrice Bea.
Expo till 28.5.2016



JORIS & IZABELA is an Artbnb Project at the "best place to stay in marseille" apartment. L&L continues its b.monthly program through a series of Duets show.

Joris Brantuas (Nimes) et Izabela Kowalczyk (Marseille) propose a very different kind of work. Joris's Work is Funny, Careless and colorful, with an underline story of what is good painting, what can painting be made of etc. Izabela's work is mindful,  monochrome and negotiate stories about beauty movement and form. here are some install views :

Joris Brantuas - My Art goes boom ...

FREE ABSTRACT is the title of the show i so on a private visit to the tripostal in avignon. (merci Nolwenne ). I couldnt agree more, its abstract and its free. the lightness and casualness in which the surface is treated, the way the 2200 m2 space is taken, and of course the scale of the works, are mind blowing. the work is passionate, filled with energy, humor & courage.

Joris was a student of Claude Viallat, which can explain the scale and the surface liberty he took, he is also the director of a prolific artist run project in few cities in the south called "MY ART GOES BOOM" . He is now working on a second Large scale show in a 4000 m2 hangar in Sete ,see the preparations here :  free abstract