The game

Putting the work in the middle, has always been important to me, because otherwise whats the point, right?

As a lover of data and flow charts, I been trying to find a work model that is clear, repeatable, scalable, and long term. Basketball seemed like a good metaphor for the game.


Giving form vs giving birth

I learned about natural birth through five labors .

I never thought this could be of any use in my art blog but here we are.

I was invited on FB to a group called giving form and than It clicked - how did I not see it before?

yes, its the same.

why how where ? ??

kind of everything about it really.

take the famous pushing scene from all the movies. its false.

In natural birth we let it flow like the river. you are not to push, it comes out by itself, you are to not disturb, find the position most comfortable and make room for it.

Art? Birth? same …

about work

Dealing with form color and scale as a path towards sustainable liberation, my process is a funny one because I’m actually a perfectionist doomed to fail, over and over again. Hunted by the powers in play, I choose submission over the illusion of having a choice. When not complaining I know I’m a surfer riding one of the most amazing waves there is, When I do catch a good one, Its connecting me to eternity, Universal knowledge and all my previous and future lives, worth it. so here I am, doing the only thing im good for. catching waves.


same lines different context - different meaning