Hope for the Niche Artist

The world is changing, and with it the industries. The value exchange in the world, used to be structured into hierarchical industries with gatekeepers etc, now undergoing transformation.

Just like sandman turned to sand in the marvel spider-man movie the art industry is going through a similar process


And just like sandman it will be rebuilt again, only different.

The major difference is that niche artists are becoming the masters of their universe.

With networking thinking, and the shift in the means of production. any original artist with a mailing list will be able to find ways to make a living that are not entirely dependent on the system.

Artist will learn to see themselves as small business owners and their bread and butter will come from their mailing list.

sales too

The work with traditional relationships with dealers, galleries, curators and museum directors is not going to disappear, we artists need and love our dealers and curators, but we are becoming partners in crime rather than dom subs.