Ward Schumaker and the Painter's Radio

When I do my walks, I sometimes TedTalk to myself, explaining universal truths etc. One of my favorites subjects is that we painters are tuned to a transparent radio and we do our best to broadcast it to the public who cant hear it otherwise, the talk goes on and on about the structure of the old art world and how it shifts now, but to stay on point, some of us are tuned to the exact same radio station, hence explaining why the natives in the Australian desert and the 60’s in New York have so much in common.

Today I have this great example to share, with you.

When I shared my latest series Yellow pages, my dear San-Fransisco friend Ward replayed he was working on a book with the same title and similar colors, here, have a look :

Isn’t that great ?

you can learn more of Ward’s work here

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