B&W drawings from the Righteous Perpetrators @ at A.I.R. Gallery by Jennifer Wroblewski

here is a  selection of B&W drawings from the  Righteous Perpetrators show @ at A.I.R. Gallery with text by the curator Jennifer Wroblewski


 Jennifer Wroblewski. wall drawing

'In conceptualizing Righteous Perpetrators, I was attracted to the cultural role of the shaman as mischief-maker or pied-piper, and the contemporary artist as proxy for the spiritual advisor in exile in an elegantly secular culture. By using the word “shaman” in conceptualizing a show about performative drawing and mark-making, I hoped to pull the discussion of drawing away from more autistic systems by which we seem bound to experience and evaluate art.'

Heidi Pollard, ink on paper.

Some institutional gravitas was lent to the project by the inclusion of four 2012 Heaven drawings by Heidi Pollard, from her ongoing series of ink grid drawings (each named Heaven, each numbered.) Ms. Pollard was the most reluctant of the group to characterize her work in relation to shamanic behavior, but I was insistent. Her repetitive mark has yielded dozens of these sublime pages, intriguingly titled Heaven, and born of the repetitive act of making straight lines.

                                                               Inger Johannes Grytting

Inger J Grytting’s work is also linear and born of repetitive mark making, specifically thousands upon thousands of graphite line segments. Like Cy Twombly turned backwards, her work mimics the behavior of writing, but eradicates the need for syntactic meaning. The making of the mark is her story. And it is a relentless one.

Jennifer Wroblewski
september 2012

other artists in the show were

Morgan O’Hara, Etty Yaniv, Yifat Gat, Paola Andrea Ochoa, Kerry Cox, Katie Cercone.