Joseph Beuys / early watercolors

"Basically I don't call this work with colors watercolors or whatever. first of all I call everything drawing. whether oil paint or mordant. I despise chalk, but charcoal I tend to like more, or graphite. Chalk doesn't suit me. So basically everything is drawings." 1970

Joseph Beuys: Early Watercolors, Werner Schade, 0393307670

“I can only say that if I hadn’t made all these drawings, I wouldn’t have been able to do the political work. I also think that completely false concepts would be going around in my head if I hadn’t done this work. I still consider these drawings to be among the most important things I’ve ever done, since all these attempts and experiments in drawing form an extremely important apparatus for me. it hasn't at all been ordered, not even by me. When I now look at the older drawings, then I think: that hasn't been done, that hasn't been carried out, that hasn't even been touched. There is an awful lot in them. So, for me they are an important element in my life" 1981

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