The happiness trap: How to win the battle between money and meaning

“If you’re using your passion and skills to help others, but not making money, then this is solely a hobby or pro bono work, not a business.

If you want to build a business, then you can’t avoid the fact that you’ll need to start making money. If you battle with charging for something you love doing, then you have work to do.

If you’re in this group it’s time you started to act, and think, more like an entrepreneur:

  • Develop a different money mindset

  • Learn about different business models

  • Discover proven approaches to boost your income

  • Get access to some simple yet powerful tools

“Money is like a mirror, showing you who you want to be. In the mirror you see the reflection of the free you, the secure you, the enabled you. So you believe money really is those things. You see those powers when you look at money.” Tom Nixon