“Intimate Landscape” in 7 steps

First some Context, this project was conceived for PAC, a local spring contemporary art festival of Marseille Provence Métropole, our village is included, and so I am kindly hosted for this occasion at “la voûte rovellotti” An experimental sculpture gallery space run by claude-agathe and her family. Thank you !

L&L PAC YG.jpg

The show will be open on the 18 of Mai at 14h- 20h

This installation was an adventure. It started with lots of unknowns,

here is a 7 steps description of how it became:

  1. Plastic protection for the floor - the floor in the space is a hand made mosaic so we covered the 5x10meter with plastic protection.

  2. Paper rolls taped - to cover such a surface I wanted a paper that will be fancy white but also super strong, I ended up taking rolls of renovation papers, that are 10 meter long and 1 meter width

    - Thanks Thierry, Sara and Caro

  3. painting - painting in a space that is long and narrow, I had to create two centers, so the blue main spots and than worked around them, I had 4 black spots on one side and 2 XL arches on the other. I started with 11 liter of white building up with red and yellow, than light blue and finally the black

  4. video - Painter’s porn, is a term I use to explain how to shoot my work. beautifully executed by the amazing Julia Gat as always.

  5. Screening composition tryouts - Together with Victor journet the Curator, we did some tryouts before we reached the final composition.

  6. Music - I downloaded my son music from band camp, I really like it, and I feel it carries the space well check him out here

  7. ready set go - join us on the 18 afternoon Paris time, we will be live streaming on insta… https://www.instagram.com/yifatgat/

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Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 18.38.30.png