A Chat with Brett Littman by Amanda Gordon

"Last week the Drawing Center in SoHo pulled off no small feat: It dramatically cut the expenses of its gala and came away with a 9% increase in funds raised over last year. While the additional $26,000 doesn't make up for the $200,000 or so the organization has trimmed from its budget this year, it does suggest that good things can happen in a downturn. The Drawing Center's executive director, Brett Littman, offered some details about its gala coup and other adjustments the center has made. We spoke by telephone on Saturday.

Anyway this year’s gala was incredible fun. We had a great honoree, Pat Steir, who was so generous with her time and brought out a terrific group of supporters and artists including Marina Abramovic, Brice Marden, Steven Holl, Anne Waldman, Tom Otterness, Donald Baechler and Kiki Smith. "