Karim Ghelloussi @ L'espace d'art Le Moulin

this is a post about the use of pink
the idea came to me after visiting the expo of Karim Ghelloussi @ L'espace d'art Le Moulin.
KG use of pink connects the different works in the space
and creates a kind of a lyric voice-over to the ensemble of works
(photos, installations and sculptures)
the boat in the picture has a stunning effect
when seen after visiting the tree
with the empty pink moon
or the Henry moore like birds sculpture
suddenly it all make sense
the profoundness of his work becomes clear

since the key to understanding this expo was the use of pink,
and since i was deeply moved,
i went out to look at what other painters are doing with their pinks.
its an extraterritorial kind of color.
it has an oriental flavor to it but also a sense of familiarity like an old object from grandma`s house .
excuse me for including one of mine,
u are welcome to suggest one of yours or others

here goes:

Martin Pfeifle

Sebastian Dacey

yifat gat

clem crosby

Hanns Schimansky

david rhodes

jurgen partenheimer

Fergus Feehily

Thomas Nozkowski

Monika Grzymala

Paul Pagk

Donald Judd