Drawing now Paris 2015

Drawing now Paris ! Thanks for the invite :))
Great opening with L&L artists: Claire Colin-Collin and Rieko Koga ...
my discovery of the fair : Beverly Baker.
Old time favorite : Thomas Muller & Hanns Schimansky
The new star : Pius Fox
also featuring our respected Fb friends : Frank Badur , Mark Williams , Paul Pagk 
and the first lady in the scene: Katrin Bremermann - congrats !

 Hanns Schimansky

 Beverly Baker

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Thomas Muller


Clément BAGOT

Had an interesting day at the  DRAWING NOW in paris (artistic director : Mr Philp Piguet )

The official award winner for 2012 is Mr. Clément BAGOT  - congratulation!
Personally, i think the uncrowned prince of the salon throughout the last three years is Thomas Muller, i admire his work.

it was fascinating to note how works by different artists converse.
Thomas vinson - frank badur, Corinne Laroche - Pietra bloch,  Károly Keserü - Lucie Beppler, German Stegmaier - Hanns Schimansky  ( what a beautiful collection of works )

not to suggest the works are similar, but that the wide range of generations and mediums, creates a context in which each proposition gains in clarity and results in a concentrated dose of high quality drawings.  

 Thomas Muller

 Frank Badur

 Thomas vinson

Corinne Laroche 

Pietra bloch

Károly Keserü

Lucie Beppler. 

German Stegmaier

Hanns Schimansky 

Drawing Now

Drawing Now Paris I Le Salon Du Dessin Contemporain, from thursday the 29th of March to Sunday 1st of april at the Carrousel du Louvre is the first contemporary art fair exclusively dedicated to contemporary drawings. For its 6th edition, the fair will welcome 82 international galleries and present a HORS LES MURS.


Découvrez le nouveau comité de sélection de l'édition 2012

Le Comité de Sélection réuni par Philippe Piguet, directeur artistique du Salon est composé pour l'édition 2012 de :

Alexandra Fau, commissaire d'exposition, critique d'art et enseignante.

Sandra Hegedus Mulliez, collectionneur. 

Marc Donnadieu, conservateur en charge des collections d'art contemporain au LaM de Villeneuve-d'Ascq.


For its fifth year, the Salon du Dessin Contemporain is becoming DRAWING NOW PARIS. This Anglicism is not an affectation, but a way of clearly indicating the fair’s international dimension.
Nearly 30% of galleries are European this year, and more specifically German, Swiss and Belgian.
The first European fair exclusively dedicated to contemporary drawing, DRAWING NOW PARIS is a forum for exchange between every generation of artists represented by the exhibiting galleries. That is why we felt it important to open a new space, DRAWING NOW / LA MEZZANINE dedicated to young galleries (less than three years old) presenting an artist aged under 35.
Contemporary drawing is a means of expression combining graphic arts with new technologies, allowing a comparison between all today’s different drawing styles. DRAWING NOW / NUMERIQUE will also present a collection of digital drawings to provide a better understanding of this discipline so full of potential discoveries, and DRAWING NOW PARIS I SUITE... reveal the many forms that may take contemporary drawing.
A meeting place for in-the-know collectors who can acquire rare works by recognized artists whose drawings are hardly presented anywhere else. A place of discovery for young collectors who can finally access original pieces by emerging artists!
A place for quality networking between gallery owners, artists, collectors, institutions and contemporary art lovers, in a few years this fair has established itself as a key event in the contemporary art calendar.
DRAWING NOW PARIS I LE SALON DU DESSIN CONTEMPORAIN will reveal the full range of contemporary drawing from 82 European galleries at the Carrousel du Louvre, from 25th to 28th March 2011.