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WeDraw 2019


WeDraw is an annual summer drawing program for artists, happening from August 22nd till September 2nd in Marseille, France. It is organised by the art platform LOOK&LISTEN, offering context for artists: real-life deadlines, printed publications, online resources and a growing community. We provide feedback, sharing information, creating opportunities and moving forward together.

Also called l’Été du dessin 2019, this 3rd edition will consist of:

  • a week residency with a final group exhibition

  • a guided visit to Marseille’s major art-fairs

  • life-access to an online resources page

  • an ongoing, online-based feedback group

The residency takes place in the context of La rentrée de l'art contemporain. During the weekend of August 30 - September 1st, Marseille welcomes a large community of international galleries and artists. The local art scene offers an exclusive variety of exhibitions and events, including the two large art-fairs Art-O-Rama and PARÉIDOLIE. WeDraw provides an opportunity to exhibit as part of this rich program.


August 21th-28th

The work week will take place at the Friche la Belle de Mai, a vibrant, cultural, urban site offering space for creativity and innovation. La Friche is both a work-space for artists and creatives as well as cultural dissemination and events. With over 400,000 visitors a year, it is a multi-faceted public space with 2400 m2 of exhibition space, a 8000 m2 roof terrace, shared gardens, a bookshop, and much more.

Our day will be divided to these three main parts:

  • Collective work-time with the artist Yifat Gat,
    or meetings with other professionals

  • Independent work-time on one’s own or in groups

  • Daily exchange with the curator Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge
    founder of the Drawing Hub, Berlin.


August 29th

The final exhibition will be held at Atelier (S)eruse, an artist-run space in the heart of the city, walking distance from both art-fairs, galleries and other venues. Together with the artists and Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge, we will curate and showcase the work created during the residency. Artists may take their work on September 2nd.

August 30th - September 2nd

During this weekend, we will visit the drawing art fair PARÉIDOLIE, and the contemporary art fair Art-O-Rama, alongside other gallery openings.


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— WeDraw 2018 publication —


Who is this for ?

  • You are an independent, autonomous artist looking to deepen your drawing practice.

  • You speak English or French.

  • You are looking to expand your network in an international or French context.

  • You own a laptop and a camera or an iPhone.

  • You are familiar and comfortable with emails and Facebook group.

  • You agree to let your work or yourself be photographed or filmed and published in the context of a printed catalog, the L&L site, social media, press or other.

  • You are positive, motivated, reliable, proactive, polite and a team player.

  • You are ready to play!


Program cost — Free
Open call deadline — August 5th, 2019
Limited places
Sleeping & eating are on the artist charge.


These are the guests and team members that form our selection

Comity members

Romain Mathieu - Curator, Teacher, Art critic, Artpress magazine

Rob de Oude - Artist and Curator, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn

Team members

Yifat Gat - Artist and Artistic director

Jan-philipp Fruehsorge - Curator, Drawing Hub, Berlin

Julia Gat - Photographer, Cupcake Project

Delphine mogarra - Artist

Margaux Fédensieu - Artist and graphic designer

Guest Artists

Jéremie D’elhome - Artist

Lydia Rump - Designer and artist, Vendredi Project

Paul Pagk - Artist, NY

Ready to join?

Please press the Apply Now button to submit.
You will need a short presentation and 5-10 images of your work.
Once accepted, you will be contacted by mail.
Thank you!

L&L is an artist-run nonprofit based in the south of France.

This program is supported by the city of Marseille, the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, Friche la Belle de Mai, Atelier seruse, and Goethe-Institut.

L&L is part of the Saison du dessin, Marseille exhibition network. L&L is accompanied by Les Têtes de l'Art.

GIF artist: Patimo Morgan L’été du dessin #2

Partners: Département Bouches Du Rhône, Salon du dessin PARÉIDOLIE, Maison Blanche Mairie du 9ème. Mairie de Saint-Chamas. Artothèque intercommunale. Voyons Voir.

Let us know if you have any questions:

Click the images to see the photo albums on FB

Participating Artists 2017

Amoros Augustin Lou
Buchot Audrey
Guillet Margot
Herrmann Blandine
Leïla Saunier
Léo Rump
Mogarra Delphine
Paul Vidal
Venet Ludivine
Louise Lejeune

Yearly Spring Exhibition
- PAC 2019

Curated by Jeremie Delhome at Laurent Galland studio.
4 rue Duverger 13002 Marseille

works by:

Vincent Naba
Morgan Patimo
Margaux Fédensieu
Morgane Hofner
Laurie Camous
Audrey Buchot
Florian Bruno
Estefany Fajardo
Blandine Herrmann
Louise Lejeune
Delphine Mogarra
Léo Rump
Ludivine Venet

Participating Artists 2018

Florian Bruno
Laurie Camous
Estefany Fajardo
Margaux Fédensieu
Morgane Hofner
Club Superette : Marie Glasser
Mattéo Tang Line Foot
Vincent Naba
Morgan Patimo


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