Ted nelson

Living in an interconnected constantly changing world, its so nice to actually hear people talking about it

Here is Ted on the big screen for the first time-- interviewed by the great film-maker Werner Herzog for his 2016 movie about the Internet and its consequences. The interview is brilliantly edited to present a seamless train of thought selected from Ted's sweeping complex of ideas.
Ted Nelson is one of the original prophets of the information age. Here he talks about about the birth of personal computing, the web, and how to think beyond the currently possible. Read more: https://spectrum.ieee.org/video/geek-life/profiles/extended-directors-cut-ted-nelson-on-what-modern-programmers-can-learn-from-the-past

Drawing Now 2019 highlights

Drawing Now is the name of a historical exhibition that was held in the MoMA at 1976. Check out the MoMA page, its a real treasure, it allows you to dive into every bit of this exhibition. dont miss the catalog, the press release (typing machine is so nostalgic ) the artist list, the works with the curator hand writing comments and more…

Fast forward to the present the latest Drawing Now art fair in Paris, has changed artistic directors.

It is interesting to see how much influence a detail like that has on the overall vibe. French cultural icons can be rather ‘old white man club’, It is nice to replace them with a fresh international Fem touch. get a glimpse of what the fair looks like here:

My first impression was the Pierrette Bloch’s stand, warm grey walls brings out the white paper so elegantly, the press release of the gallery here .


Just around the corner at Gallery Eric Dupont you can see a beautiful expo by Paul Pagk


Hanns Schimansky: L’Espace de la ligne at the Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery


Congratulation to my friend Katrin Bremermann for her duo with German Stegmaier at Goethe institute in Paris and great job to martin for putting that together

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 12.31.19.png

I always thought Paul and German represents two sides of the same coin in the way they exploit their frame.


It was a nice surprise to see Marine Pagès papers at Gallery Bernard Jordan. hopefully we will see more of them in Paréidolie Marseilles in the summer …

Fix & Flow

One of my tools to decode a situation is to name the FIX & FLOW


Going to the studio is a FIX, the work I do is the FLOW


Going to surf is a FIX, which wave you get is the FLOW


A camera is a FIX the pictures we take are the FLOW

This blog is the FIX, the posts in it are the FLOW

I find its better to deal only with the FIX to enable the FLOW, rather than trying to micro manage the flow.

For ex: taking the kids to book store once a week is a FIX which book they take is their FLOW.

Control system deal with both FIX & FLOW

Support system deal only with the FIX to Enable the FLOW