Drawing now Paris 2015

Drawing now Paris ! Thanks for the invite :))
Great opening with L&L artists: Claire Colin-Collin and Rieko Koga ...
my discovery of the fair : Beverly Baker.
Old time favorite : Thomas Muller & Hanns Schimansky
The new star : Pius Fox
also featuring our respected Fb friends : Frank Badur , Mark Williams , Paul Pagk 
and the first lady in the scene: Katrin Bremermann - congrats !

 Hanns Schimansky

 Beverly Baker

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Thomas Muller

Salon du dessin 2014 Paris

my discovery of the fair : Andrea Heller

Ernesto Ballesteros

Lucie Beppler


Per Kirkeby

Thomas Mueller

Pius Fox

Paul Pagk

Corinne Laroche

Jill Baroff

Imi Knoebel

Valerie du Chene

Vncent Broquaire

Frank Badur

Thomas Vinson

Cornard Meier

Pierre Buraglio

Claude Closky



A reflection on Don Voisine 'Inauguration'

Don Voisine's work evokes a series of essential painterly questions : black on black, upper lower stripes, movement & freedom within a clear set of limitations, negative positive, duo-tone, diagonals, repetitions, and others. here are few visual references:

'The choice of color for ‘Inauguration’  was initially inspired by Michelle Obama’s dress at the presidential inauguration, January 2009"


Frank badur


Issey Miyake


frank badur



Letter from BERLIN: FRANK BADUR, Why Pattern?

Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin
October 31, 2009 – January 8, 2010
Frank Badur has been part of the Berlin scene from the time he studied here, between 1963 and 1969. He became a professor at the University of Art in 1985, and, like many other German artists who maintain successful international careers, he has continued to teach. This has resulted in a certain continuity in German art, which makes it less subject to the vagaries of fashion that affect places like London so damagingly. His influence on many younger artists, such as Tim Stapel, Rebecca Michaelis, and Katinka Pilscheur, who are sustaining an interest in abstraction, is becoming more evident. At fruehsorge contemporary drawings, a gallery dedicated exclusively to drawing, Frank Badur is exhibiting two groups of works on paper; concurrently, he is presenting new paintings at Hammish Morrison Galerie and an edition of prints at Galerie Jordan Seydoux, both also in Berlin.

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