"Opaque Transparency" a project by ParisCONCRET Curated by Richard van der Aa July 2015

Richard & Anna Van der Aa

 "Opaque Transparency" a ParisCONCRET project
Curated by Richard van der Aa July 2015

"The exhibition Opaque Transparency presents work by a select group of 14 artists who have used monochromatic means to reach their goals. I don’t believe artists set out to make monochrome paintings – rather they find themselves at that point after following the logic of their own trajectory. They have arrived there from widely differing starting places. The exhibition explores a rich variety of expression which exists within seemingly narrow parameters. Opaque Transparency will be accompanied by an essay by Roland Thompson. The ParisCONCRET association exists to foster an international dialogue and collaboration amongst artists working in the field of non-objective art. After presenting continuous exhibitions in their Paris space from 2009 to 2014, directors Richard and Anna van der Aa decided to change the format of the association’s activities. Opaque Transparency at Look & Listen is the first manifestation of the ParisCONCRET curatorial initiative since closing the doors at rue des Immeubles Industriels in June 2014

Louise Blyton (au)

Henk Delabie (be)

Barbara Gaile (fr)

Kyle Jenkins (au)

Daniel Levine (us)

Janet Meester (nl)

Paul Raguenes (fr)

Patrick Sauze (fr)

Clary Stolte (nl)

John Tallman (us)


Richard van der Aa (fr)

Cecilia Vissers (nl)

Werner Windisch (de)

Douglas Witmer (us)


DUSK "Embossed" - Saint Chamas/NYC

 DUSK - EMBOSSED - On view July 9th to August 16th at Gallery Molly Krom (NY). Thursday through Sunday 12-6pm. 53 Stanton St, NYC.

 Look&Listen, Saint Chamas, France, May 30th through July 27th, 2015.

Embossed started in the DUSK print studio by embossing paper in a consistent pattern. Designed and embossed by Ky Anderson the pattern was intended to complement each artists' work while still challenging them, but subtle enough to not dominate the work. Some embraced the pattern, some found it wildly inspiring, some wanted more paper, some ignored the pattern while some repeated it, some struggled and some rejected the surface altogether and pulled out of the show. This series is a result of a group of artists with a knowledge and respect of one another’s work. While there are multiple approaches to the work the artists have allowed themselves to be further connected to one another by engaging in the consistency of the size and texture as their starting point. 
Embossed artist include Shane Drinkwater, Brian Edmonds, Sarajo Frieden, Benjamin Gardner, Yifat Gat, J Grabowski, Molly Herman, Michael Krueger, Emily Noelle Lambert, Meg Lipke, Jason Rohlf, Mason Saltarrelli, Ward Schumaker, Vicki Sher and Debra Smith.


Drawing now Paris 2015

Drawing now Paris ! Thanks for the invite :))
Great opening with L&L artists: Claire Colin-Collin and Rieko Koga ...
my discovery of the fair : Beverly Baker.
Old time favorite : Thomas Muller & Hanns Schimansky
The new star : Pius Fox
also featuring our respected Fb friends : Frank Badur , Mark Williams , Paul Pagk 
and the first lady in the scene: Katrin Bremermann - congrats !

 Hanns Schimansky

 Beverly Baker

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Pius Fox

 Thomas Muller