'The Significance of Detail' curated by Carleen Zimbalatti

My interest in curating is to evoke visual literacy, to showcase and offer opportunities to my fellow artists, to develop a shared dialogue of the artists’ mutual perspectives and methodologies, and to educate the viewer’s understanding on how the some of the most fundamental aspects of pictorial language and its vocabulary (the principles and elements of art) evoke visual diversity as much as it suggests a vast exploration in visual literacy. In this case, The Significance of Detail, will highlight the abstract and communicative qualities of detail as a visual language, in both, subject and voice; and contrast each of the artists’ visual journey’s through the diverse use of detail as analytical and intuitive constructs of pictorial space.  More importantly, the artist’s chosen for this exhibition communicate the importance of detail and how the juxtaposition of artistic elements are tangible aspects that give meaning to the visible world.

The Significance of Detail features the artwork of six artists, Patricia Fabricant, Jeanne Heifetz, Jane Masters, Jessica Rosner, Lynda Schlosberg, and myself, Carleen Zimbalatti, who interlace detailed elements into mesmerizing complex artworks.  Their finely wrought, intricate pictures are exquisitely rendered while the labor-intensive quality in each of the artists’ work seduces the viewer into an inner world that is both tranquil and multidimensional. These deliberately planned compositions are characteristic of forms evocative of feeling.  The details in the each of the artists’ compositions maintain a balance between the tangible and a seemingly infinite space.  Inch by inch, through skill and craftsmanship, the significance of detail emerges out of basic elements into a complex form[s].   This exhibition gives weight to the significance of detail and to the qualities of connection that are illuminated in each of the artists’ meticulous mark making vocabulary and process.  The sum of the parts, a metaphor, a language, deconstructs our stimulating and distracting world, conveying a meditative quality toward transcendence through the quiet strength embodied in each of the artist’s work featured in this exhibition.