Blanc de Meudon

*Adapted for : Artists and designers, Art-teachers, creative parents and their kids

This exciting option to paint with your fingers on large window or mirror surface, has been part of my artistic vocabulary for the last few years. One of the things I noticed is that in the end of each performance I give, It doesn’t meter if its for adults, or kids, everyone just want to touch it. Weather public representatives in official events, or school kids in their public library events, this majestically alluring material is like magnet. So I started letting the public draw over my work in the end of my performances, with their hands, and I ended up giving special workshops where the goal of the entire event is for them to paint to begin with.

So what is Blanc de Meudon ?

BDM is a white chalk-based powder diged out from the quarries of Meudon, near Paris, France. It is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (90%) and clay. In the pigment nomenclature it is
 entitled PW18. It is sometimes sold under the name of "white of Spain"
The white of Meudon can be used:
in painting, it serves as a basis for the manufacture of gesso,
At home, it can be used as a maintenance product: it shines surfaces such as copper, tin, silverware, metal joinery, brass, glass, stainless steel, earthenware, plastic and the vitroceramic plates.
It also serves to fully whiten the windows during a period of work, but also decorate during the Christmas holidays for example

Weather you are a professional creative or a creative guide for children, the rules of this activity are the same.

  1. protect your environment.

  2. mix the poder with water

  3. roll it over the surface

  4. wait few min depending on your temperature and humidity

  5. enjoy drawing

  6. for cleaning use a dry object and collect the dust with a vacum cleaner

  7. only in the end of the dry cleaning stage use a wet fabruque to collect the rest


Where to get the dust?

I listed Here below three different options, (amazon affiliate - thanks ) that can suit your various needs. they vary in size, price and quality:

The cleaning product one

A vintage cleaning product that has been on the market for decades.

Its a 480gr pack which will last long enough for A small or medium project.

Being a cleaning product, the title actually reads: ‘It will clean and shine without scratching, ideal for silverware’ ! ha !

The hardware store one

Now this boxes comes in 1KG size and can do a large window event no problem. I always get 5 just in case, its hard to evaluate how much i would end up using. I had a large yard recently that had 12 meter windows on both sides, I brought 10 packs, but I ended up sending my helper to the studio to bring more, So dependent on the public building you are working on, I would say plan around 1 kg for 6 m2, better safe than sorry …

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 13.26.24.png

The artistic one

Made by a local traditional historic family business, this product is part of a DIY, renovation and arts environment. lasting over generations, It is velvety and creamy like nothing else. Originally this product is used to be part of a Gesso recepie for the artist studio, that why its so fine.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 13.46.23.png