After 10 years of closing my studio, ( went into digital works, video and installation as soon as i got my first apple, and had five kids ) I slowly returned to hand made work with an architect table ( I still have it, brought it with me to France)  graphite and papers.

I done only B&W works for the first 2_3 years. my entire understanding of holding a frame shifted and became completely independent from colors. I wanted to be able to create meaning and charge energy without the authority of color. I later started adding colors in a more disciplined manner, coupling them or going through phases with various selections.

All this to say, I carry a special place in my heart, to people who dare paint without color. I'm no longer there but I know this place really well. so when I came to create the first B&W expo it was really about that. beyond the power of color, how do we paint?

Sine than I curated Five different expo around this theme including London sluice art fair, Saint chamas, centre culturel fos sur mer, and Transmitter, a Brooklyn gallery, directed by the one and only, Rob de oude.

This book was my first publication experience and it took huge effort to get it done, thanks to all the artists, with special help from erin lawlor, julia gat and Vincent Verdeille who made amazing graphic design we made it. the book includes an introduction by David Rhodes, and works by 100 artists from all over the world:


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