#BringSomethingPink started few years ago at my studio and became like a public game, It has now an insta page by itself and on its way to its third expo. Tape something with this tape and tag it #BringsomethingPink on insta or FB for us to share…

If you follow my work you know I’m a fan of this material, check out my video page to see some examples. Click the pic to find Marble Dust how to and links.

This drawing notebook cover is an idea I been playing around with for a while now. Drawing as an app that allows you to connect to yourself and others. A form of democracy.

Generously designed by one of Israel greatest designers Lahav Halevy.

T- shirts are a great way to broadcast what you stand for. I am still deepening my understanding of this meduim. but for now here goes:

A detail image of a vibration painting. Vibrations are vaginal notations and so has an extra vibrational value. read more at the naomi wolf book titled ‘vagina’, on my book page.

A life changing moment in my personal art history. A wall work at dumbo art center NYC 2012. Drawing as a “Shamanic ritual’ curated by jennifer wroblewski at AIR Gallery.

2018 at Marseille beach with A.ken asso. A floor drawing and the moment I finally understood the title shamanic ritual …