photo by julia gat

Gabriele Herzog (born in Basel, Switzerland) lives and works between London and Berlin. She completed her BA at the School of Art Basel, Switzerland and her MA at the University of Arts London. Recent exhibitions include, SHOW YOUR COLOURS/3 SMAHK Assen Holland, PLURAL SHOW2 HUSK Gallery London UK, ON INSISTE Int. Biennial Non-Objective Art Pont de Claix France, NOIR / BLANC 22.11. LOOK&LISTEN Gallery Saint Chamas France, LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN, ParisCONCRET Gallery Paris France.

‘Imagine two white walled artists studios, one in Berlin and one in London. The first facing south east with one large window, the second facing south west with two. Through these openings the movement of light across each wall is subtle, percolating slowly. It is within these quietly charged environments that Gabriele Herzog creates her paintings. The works are fundamentally about colours, their exact relationships, and the search for what they can do. Her precise choice of untreated natural cotton provides the stage, the colours are the performers, their interactions the drama. In these playful performances Herzog understands her paintings as ‘colour objects’. These pieces are as much about the edges, and the space between paintings, as they are about the surface that quietly presents it self to the world.’

Written by Daniel Curtis, curator at HUSK Gallery London UK, August 2015

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