According to surveys, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic. The Christ child was sometimes portrayed dressed in pink, the color associated with the body of Christ. Pink is also often associated with the exotic. The color pink has been described in literature since ancient times. In the Odyssey, written in approximately 800 BCE, Homer wrote "Then, when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn appeared…” In 19th century England, pink ribbons or decorations were often worn by young boys; boys were simply considered small men, and while men in England wore red uniforms, boys wore pink. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most associated with sweet foods and beverages. Pink is also one of the few colors to be strongly associated with a particular aroma, that of roses. In the 18th century - the golden age of pink and other pastel colors - pink mansions and churches were built all across Europe. (wiki)

The Theme based project, #bringsomethingpink, is a continuation of the B&W project. a series of Exhibition is planned ( first, being the paris expo during the Fiac 20.10) accompanied by a publication with 300 Artists. a mix of known artists and less known, both from Europe and the US. A series of editions is planned, with 6 artists, 2 from the Open Call. 


More info coming soon


More info coming soon 



#BringSomethingPink is a multidisciplinary research and an open call for artworks including the color pink in them. 

After 'The B&W Project', this is LOOK&LISTEN's second theme based project.

If you are afraid that your idea is too far out and probably not what we meant, please send it over!
The project will be realized in three formats, through a series of exhibitions, a publication, and a series of editions.

Each submission may include 1 to 10 images.
Please note one of the followings in the details description:
* These works are available for an exhibition.
**  This image is copy right free and available for printing (2 mega min).
*** This is a low resolution image, strictly for internet use.


the project has an ongoing deadline. meaning that for each expo we will be going back to the open call submissions to look for new people. 

its probable to assume that most of the open call will go into the book.  We intend to publish the #BringSomethingPink book towards the end of the year, around May, and the first exhibition will take place in Paris during the Fiac, October 2016.